Die Bodenkultur - Journal for Land Management, Food and Environment

A. DUDA and H.-J. LISTE:

Measures of Crop Rotation for Limiting the Damage caused by the Beet Cyst Nematode


After 20 test years two parallel crop rotation field trials with sugar-beets on two different locations produced the following basic results:

-  Extreme crop frequency on the same field involves instability of yield and quality.

-  Balanced crop rotations reduce the expenditure for fertilization, soil and plant protection.

-  The repair of relevant damage would require great efforts and a long time.

-  Soil-born fungi are able to contribute to reducing the vitality especially of older populations of the beet cyst nematode (H. schachtii) by contamination.

-  Alfalfa in crop rotations with sugar-beets supports the contamination of nematode cysts by fungi and leads to reduced vitality of the cysts contents.

All measures must be combined effectively throughout the rotation cycle. Especially the cultivation break and the rotation pattern are suitable agricultural means to limit the damage of H. schachtii in crop rotations with sugar-beets.