For the three internal BOKU foundations as well the calls "Agrana Forschungs-Förderung"  you are requested to apply online using the BOKU login.

The bilingual ÖAD database for grants and research promotion programmes ´Grants Database´ provides current information on national, European and international grants: is Austria’s biggest online database for scholarships and research grants for all academic areas. Financial support options for students, graduates and researchers range from classical grants and scholarships, allowances and prizes to extensive national, European and international research support programmes.

In more than 1200 entries offers information about

  • Financial support measures for studying or research for outgoings (Austrians who want to study or pursue research in other countries) and incomings (people who want to come to Austria) and
  • purely national funding options.

Funding Opportunities for

Master- and Diploma thesis, Dissertation & Habilitation

AGRANA Research Support Dissertation & Habilitation

- Wilfrieda Lindner Science Award Master thesis & Dissertation

- Erwin-Wenzl-Award Diploma thesis & Dissertation

Förderpreis der Österreichischen Hagelversicherung Master thesis & Dissertation

- The City of Vienna Jubilee Funds for BOKU- Talent Awards Master thesis & Dissertation

- Klaus Fischer - Innovation Award Diploma thesis, Dissertation & Habilitation

- Prof. Anton Kurir-Foundation Dissertation & Habilitation

Foundation "120 Years of the University of Natural Ressources"

Master- and Diploma thesis, Dissertation & Habilitation

UV-Forschungsstipendien Dissertation

VCE-Innovation Award Diploma thesis, Dissertation & Habilitation


Granser - United Global Academy Award

-The City of Vienna Jubilee Funds  - BOKU Best Paper Awards

- Raiffeisen Science & Innovation Award


Dr. Wolfgang Houska Award

- Forschungsstipendien für Graduierte

- Josef Umdasch Research Award

- The City of Vienna Jubilee Funds - BOKU Research Funding

- Raiffeisen Science & Innovation Award

- Foundation "120 Years of the University of Natural Ressources" 

- Wirtschaftskammerpreis

already performed good study achievement

- Allgemeine Hochschulstipendienstiftung für Wiener Hochschulen

- Dr. Karl Schleinzer-Foundation