PROGRAM 2017/18

GH01, Guttenberghaus (1. Stock), Feistmantelstr. 4, 1180 Wien

STARTING TIME: 18:30 Uhr - END: 21:00 Uhr

Die Zukunft ist besser als ihr Ruf
(in German - T. Distlberger, N. Mayr, G. Schweiger, N. Scherg, 2017, 185 min)
A film about people who make a difference - dealing with SDGs like "quality education" and "participation for the goals". We get involved for a lively political culture, sustainable solutions for food and constructions, transparency in thinking about the economy, for social equality. Everywhere we hear about crisis, medias stir up uncertainty. How do we react? Eyes closed, ears closed? Or better roll up our sleeves to do something? The film gives courage: six examples tell about the possibilities of how to shape the course of things yourself. What role do universities play for empowerment, for engagement and the social commitment of young people? What do students say about this?

Markus Fiebig, deputy chairman of the ethical plattform, Institute of Applied Geology (BOKU)


  • Teresa Distlberger, film director
  • Hubert Hasenauer, rectorate (BOKU, requested)
  • Hansi Spörk, „activist“
  • Nadja Harnack, Vorsitz ÖH-BOKU