CDR & Research

Research hosted by the CDR seeks a better understanding of development processes, with a focus on the sustainable management of natural resources. Over 30 research projects in 15 development countries target management issues related to soils, water, crops, forests, livestock, or fisheries, while taking into account the social processes that underlie their use.




Some of our pilot projects are small, but all are driven by real demand. Through managing interactions we help formulate development scenarios with leverage. Using trans-disciplinary methods, we identify natural resource management and livelihood strategies that work for people. We integrate local and scientific insights into rural development processes, and we seek mechanisms to up-scale. Small pilot projects grow bigger with time. This allows theories to bear fruits in practice. And we are one step closer to achieving development goals.

CDR works towards poverty reduction, food security, and wellbeing for the most vulnerable populations. Collaboration with research partners worldwide ensures that the most vulnerable can expand their access to the information, resources and support necessary for effective adaptation of sustainable land use strategies.